E 6000 Features and Benefits

The PASSAP E 6000 “talks” to you through its ingenious dialog-computer.

Thanks to the latest electronics the PASSAP E 6000 is not only more versatile but it makes knitting easier than ever before. You decide what you want to knit. Your PASSAP E 6000 asks you a series of simple questions and then the ingenious dialog-computer tells you step by step, in easy to follow instructions, what to do. The result is perfect knitting all the time and your fabric will be more satisfying than ever.

Take your choice from 40000 patterns …if that’s not enough, create your own

The PASSAP E 6000 has more than 660 patterns stored in its memory. Each one is illustrated in full colour in the pattern book. Choose any one and by combining it with different knitting techniques more than 40000 patterns are at your fingertips. A full alphabet and all figures from 1 to 0 are memorised, too.

You can draw your own design on a pattern sheet and the PASSAP E 6000 reads it and knits the design just as you have drawn it. What’s more you can combine any of the stored patterns or knitting techniques and your own design with one another!

See how Creation 6 and Form 6 multiply your possibilities!

The spectacular electronic shaper

To make sure your knitting is the correct size and shape, the PASSAP E 6000 automatically calculates and tells you the number of stitches you have to increase or decrease and how many rows you have to knit, etc. You can even knit a fully automatically shaped skirt by merely calling the corresponding programme from the Dialog-Computer.

So again, the PASSAP E 6000 ensures perfect results!

No distortion – no casting-on combs – no weights

Thanks to its ingenious presser foot system the PASSAP E 6000 is the home knitting machine that works without weights whether you knit with one or two beds. It means that your knitting is never distorted and you will always be able to achieve outstanding results.

Quite simply, with a PASSAP E 6000 your biggest decision is what to knit first.

PASSAP E 6000 for knitting quickly, easily and perfectly!