E-8000 Features

Discover the hidden FEATURES of this amazingly versatile computer knitting machine

  • Central control and processing unit with LCD text display
  • Modular structure steel needle bed
  • Front and rear knitting carriages with integrated electronic needle selection units
  • Motor operated fabric take-down with individually adjustable counter-rollers, take-down force and torque
  • Electric motor drive with automatic overload shut-down and yarn-break control
  • Electronically controlled automatic 4-colour changer
  • Individually adjustable yarn tensioners
  • Knock-over combs made of highly resistant space age PEEK material
  • Steel support for machine, motor drive and fabric take-down
  • Racking handle for racking up to a width of 10 needles
  • Adjustable 29-step stitch length selector
  • Selectors for 36 knitting technique combinations