The DUOMATIC-80 Knitting Machine

However, we do have fully refurbished machines in stock.
These of course come with our usual Limited warranty Guarantee.
We also guarantee you need have no concerns about repairs or service.
Our PARTS DEPARMENT (largest in Canada) carries enough spare parts
to service these machines for the next 4-5 decades, or more.

 Fully Refurbished:  $999.00  Canadian Dollars each +/-
(Including RT63 stand, 2 Color and Original tools)

Other Optional Accessories available at sale pricing

Various ages of machines in stock

The daily rate will be changing constantly..

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Modular Construction

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  • The many possibilities offered by a wide range of optional extras allow you to build your knitting machine according to your specific needs and means
  • The basic machine is equipped with two independent knitting locks and two needle beds with 179 needles and pattern jacks on each bed. In addition, the two colour changer is included in the basic equipment of the DUOMATIC 80.

Chassis and ground plate of each needle bed are made of distortion-free bonderized steel. The 9 needle bed modules are individually mounted onto the steel ground plate.

  • For easy replacement at low cost, PASSAP needle beds are constructed in a modular system. Each needle bed consists of 9 needle bed modules made of highly resistant polystyrene, each of which is equipped with 20 case-hardened-steel needle channels containing the corresponding PASSAP latch needles made of case-hardened steel. This well-tried and robust concept is also used in the needle beds of the E 6000 electronic machine.